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Shark Point

Shark Point

Visibility 10 - 30+ Meters
Depth 5 - 40+ Meters
Current Mild - Moderate
Level Beginner - Advanced

Shark Point is a 3-pinnacle adventure in to the world of sharks, situated between Phuket and PhiPhi. This site is an open ocean site, with one of the pinnacles standing out of the ocean. The site itself is covered in corals, both soft and hard. On this foundation its easy to find scholes of barracuda, fusilier and cuttlefish. Zebra shark hang around this dive site especially during times, when there are not too many divers on the site at the same time.

The site itself consists of 3 pinnacles. Usually dives here are led either from the 1st pinnacle to the second, or vice versa if currents demand so. Going through these two pinnacles should cover more than enough to see and experience. The 3rd pinnacle is a bit deeper, so mostly divers do not go there.

This site is sometimes hit with somewhat harder currents so divers here should have advanced skills in drift diving. Ask your Instructor more about Drift Dive-Specialty courses.