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Ko Ha Yai (5)

Ko Ha Yai (5)

Visibility 15 - 30+ Meters
Depth 5 - 40+ Meters
Current Mild
Level Beginner - Advanced

Koh Haa Yai, also known as Koh Haa 5, is home to the so-called “Cathedral”. Two side-by-side caverns base at about 10-12 meters of water and are connected at about 8 meters by a window, which you can swim through. So, to begin the dive, you can descend and enter the cavern as soon as possible. Then ascend back to the surface and take a breath of fresh air in the air pocket above. After this you descend back down and continue the dive in the cavern. When you decide to exit, there are both two big entries to choose from, or you can also choose the eastern swim-through exit. You can choose between a few options, but all of them require first entering a small chamber before exiting from the swim-through most fitting to your buoyancy control ability and comfort level. Do not crowd the chamber or swim-throughs. After you exit the chamber your options are to follow the current “left-shoulder” to the eastern walls and slopes to spot giant moray eels, huge purple barrel sponges etc. before going around the islands edge and towards shallower depths on the shallow reef on the “beach” side of Koh Haa 5 where you end the dive.

Optionally you can choose exiting the swim-throughs towards the west, or “right-shoulder”, examining the topography and colorful walls before entering the realm of the famous yellow tigertail seahorse. This beauty sits at about 18 meters and for the last 1,5 years has been the most photographed celebrity around these parts. So please, keep your photos to a sensible limit and don’t shine your lights directly at this little beauty. Also, remind yourself and your buddy of buoyancy control around this fragile creature and it’s home surroundings. After this you can slowly ascend towards the shallower reef for your safety stop.

This dive site also has deep reefs going out to 40+ meters. And there is life there! So what better place to do your AOWD or Deep-Specialty than here?! Just descend infront of the cathedral. Go further out past a garden of white whip corals and descend safely down to 30 or 40 meters with your instructor, depending on your course. If they tell you there is “nothing to see down there”, don’t believe the hype.