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Ko Ha (1)

Ko Ha (1)

Visibility 10 - 30+ Meters
Depth 5 - 30+ Meters
Current Mild
Level Beginner - Advanced

This beautiful island, known for its swim-throughs and the famous “Chimney”, offers divers of all levels enjoyable dives.

There are usually 2 ways of diving the island, depending on the currents. One option is to jump in the water as the waters are rising at the “Chimney”, first swim in the fish-bowl after which you ascend straight down into the blackness of the “Chimney” and exit this vertical swim-through horizontally at about 18 meters of water. This requires advanced buoyancy control. From here you can choose to proceed with your dive plan either towards the deep wall of the northern side, or the shallower side of the island.

If you choose the deep walls, after entering you can exit the “Chimney” at 18 meters and then slowly descend further into a swim-through which takes you to a beautiful coral garden of purple and white leafy soft corals at about 22 meters. You can then proceed towards the northern wall of the island which descends to over 20 meters in depth straight down. The wall is covered by beautiful fan corals and other corals, both hard and soft. Different types of moray eel and the ever-elusive harlequin shrimp also live in these walls. Always remember to periodically look “in to the blue”, because that’s where the big things lurk.

Alternatively you can take a leisurely dive towards the shallow southern and western slopes, ending the dive at the finger reef where plentiful of large crocodile needle fish, Trevallies and smaller fish congregate ensuring a mesmerizing end to the dive. On these slopes there are plentiful of beautiful anemones with colorful “Nemo’s” living in the safety of the stinging tentacles of the anemone. On the way towards the finger reef, divers can enjoy plentiful schools of fusilier on the hallow southern and western slopes of the island. Also turtles are known to live around this island.