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Ko Bida Nok

Ko Bida Nok

Visibility 10 - 25 Meters
Depth 30 Meters
Current Mild
Level Beginner - Advanced

Koh Bida Nok is the southern most of the Phi Phi islands for diving. This dive site offers several distinctive features such as the bay area, a 30 meter wall, the finger reef and ofcourse the outer pinnacles. Courses and beginners can start their dive easily from the bay from where you take heading according to currents to either towards the shallow slopes of the east side, or if currents are against you, you can dive out of the bay and around the finger reef, which has huge schools of fusilier hunted down upon by trevallies. On this side it’s not uncommon to catch a glimpse of turtles as well.

For those who want a more challenging dive, they can jump on the western wall. Descend down to 30 meters where you will meet with the bottom and from there slowly begin your ascent to which ever direction the current carries you. The 30 meter wall is beautifully decorated by colorful sea fan and other corals. As for marine life, the wall is teeming with life. All you have to do is bring your torch with you to find those elusive critters in the cracks of the wall.

If possible, it’s always good to end your dive in the bay or the shallows of the east to see black-tip reef sharks cruising around the reef on the surface layers.