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Hin Klai

Hin Klai

Visibility 10 - 25 Meters
Depth 17 Meters
Current Mild - Moderate
Level Beginner - Advanced

Hin Klai is very similar to Hin Bida in topography, without the finger reefs. Out in the open ocean and sometimes tricky to find, this site is not dived too much. Mostly there are no other dive boats around and due to divers not going here too much, the corals and the site itself is lush and plentiful with sea fans, anemones and barrel sponges.

To begin the dive, we drop down in open ocean on this shallow pinnacle which goes down to about 7 meters. From the top this lively little pinnacle the gentle slopes drop down to about 15+ meters. The site itself is covered in anemones, sea fan corals and the rock formations beneath them, which offer safe haven for the animals inhabiting this site.

This small site in size is actually a big dive. Scholes of fish entertain you while cuttlefish are out playing their mating games. When you go on the sandy bottom to the outside, you will most likely catch a glimpse of either zebra sharks or Kuhl’s stingrays. It is not uncommon to see pipefish on the sandy bottom as well.

Currents can sometimes be a bit stronger here, so divers should prepare to apply drift diving techniques.