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Hin Daeng/Hin Muang

Hin Daeng/Hin Muang

Visibility 10 - 30+ Meters
Depth 5 - 40+ Meters
Current Mild - Strong
Level Advanced

Hin Daeng means “Red Rock” in Thai and is aptly covered by corals and sponges of such color. Hin Daeng in turn means “Purple Rock” and is mostly covered in beautiful purple corals. These two sites are the top of the game around these parts of the world. Most well known for it’s majestic Manta rays, Hin Daeng and Hin Muang offer all sorts of adventures for the more experienced divers. And in addition to Manta Rays there’s a good chance of seeing Whale Sharks here as well.

These two sites are situated close to the each other in an east-west position. Further to the west is Hin Muang, the Himalayas of the Andaman. This site is like a chain of mountains joined together with little depressions leading to the other side. This mesmerizing dive site easily takes hundreds of dives to figure out all the possibilities. There is so much life on both of these sites that on many occasions on the boat ride back, divers just sit quietly pondering what they had seen, where had they just been and how much more there is to see.

You can start your dives on both these sites on a mooring line. The currents on both these sites can sometimes be very strong, so on such days it’s necessary to use these heavy lines in order to descend safely down towards the shelter of these massive rock formations. As the walls of these sites drop down to 40+ meters and even deeper, divers should be wary of their bottom times especially on days with impeccable visibility. It is easy to lose yourself in these majestic settings.

Thousands of blue Red Tooth Triggerfish hover around the walls looking for their next meal while large Trevally and Emperors are on the hunt. The walls are riddled with so much life, it is sometimes difficult to remember what you had seen during the dives. These sites are perfect for Deep Specialty-Courses as 40 meter maximum depths are extremely easy to descend to on these site. Also Nitrox-Specialty and Drift-Specialty would be highly useful courses here.