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Anemone Reef

Anemone Reef

Visibility 10 - 25 Meters
Depth 5 - 30 Meters
Current Mild - Moderate
Level Beginner - Advanced

Situated in the same cluster (SKA) as King Cruiser and Shark Point, Anemone reef can be one of the best dive sites on Phuket side of PhiPhi. The dive site itself is buried under water at about 5 meters. Depending on the currents, you start to maneuver your dive accordingly around this pinnacle and towards the end of the dive make your safety stop and ascend to the surface where the boat will pick you up.

On this site anemones and “Nemo’s” of course are abundant and you also get to experience big scholes of snapper, barracuda, trumpet fish and other critters of the deep. As Sharkpoint is so close to this site, it is no wonder to spot zebra shark here as well. It’s worth saying that the volume of Anemone on this site is mesmerizing. It guarantees a beautiful dive, just floating above the tentacles of hundreds and hundreds of anemones in their blue and green costumes. As is Sharkpoint, this site also sometimes gets hit by strong currents, so drift diving techniques should be applied.